Don’t lose your forest value

More then hundred loggers around Scandinavian tags theres harvested and forwarded timber with Logscom Gate Timber Printers, Logscom GTP. By using Logscom GTP the wood quality as well as the quality of the logging teams performence can be followed up. 


Improve safety 

In forestry where manualy tagging work is performed, there is a high risk for injuries. By using the tagging system Logscom GTP, the wood logs can be tagged and marked, directly from the forwarder. The operator doesn’t need to leave the cab to tag the logs. 

One more load

Our customers in Scandinavia talks about one more extra load each day, when tagging the logs with Logscom GTP instead for making the tagging procedure for hand. 


To our timber tagging system Logscom GTP you can add the option MetricBoost™. With Logscom GTP you make the tag on the log and with  MetricBoost™ you can connect the harvetsers data about the tagged log. Thanks to said data  connection you can check the harvesters meassurement. 


Use your Logscom GTP to print out the harvest date on the log. When have the harvest date is  printed on the log – it is possible for all people along the timmberlogs value chain to make a decission based on the harvest date. For example; priority a load into the sawmill before the logs become blue, due to a mold fungus. 

Prevent illegal logging

Most important issue – use the combination of Logscom GTP tags and MetricBoost™ to make illegal logging more difficult.

MetricBoost™ can tell us if the recorded harvested volume in the harvester meassurments is correct. If correct – then meassured volume at the sawmill schould be the same as the harvested volume, no more no less.